The Buddy System, LLC

Chooser:  Find the Ideal Dining Location
Brot:  Explore the Mandelbrot Set
Scheduler:  Visualize Your Shift Schedule
FDNY:  Visualize the “FDNY Chart”

Current Apps for the iPhone and iPod touch (and iPad in Compatibility Mode)

Old Stuff for the Mac Desktop

Really Old Stuff for the HP-LX Palmtop Computer

iCalPublish:  Combine multiple iCal calendars and publish them to your .Mac/Me account or a WebDAV server.
95BUDDY and 100BUDDY:  A Keyboard Companion For The HP Palmtop Computers.
UK Rota:  Visualize the London Tube/Bus Rota and Duty Assignments
Krafts:  Track crafting inventory and projects

Recent Apps for the iPad

Arnold Reading Magic:  Reading and Spelling Help for Dyslexics