“FDNY” for the iPhone

of fumbling with your chart to figure out when you’ll be working two months from now?  Sick of coloring the boxes and adding reminders about your mutuals?

FDNY to the rescue!

Custom-designed with the help of New York City firefighters, FDNY is smart about your chart.  It knows about the 25 groups and their schedules, pairing of mutual partners, vacations, RSOT, and so on.  The calendar screen always shows your day and night tours and your partner’s tours (using colors of your own choosing) for the next 24 months from “today.”  It takes only a few taps to enter a mutual with your partner.  A few more taps and you’ve got a mutual recorded with somebody else.  Separate balances are maintained for each person.  And, there’s no need for a new chart every year.

FDNY also contains a list of NYC firehouses, complete with locations (one touch to see maps) and phone numbers (one touch to make calls).

FDNY is unique for the New York City FD.  If you’re not a member of that department, then you do not want this app.  Instead, check out Scheduler, which can handle repeatable shift schedules and on which FDNY is based.

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  1. Displays your schedule for the next two years (continuously), including vacations and holidays.

  2. Double-tap any day to see the day and night group numbers, just like the printed chart.

  3. Integrates with your Address Book to list your colleagues in other groups.

  4. Records mutuals. Tracks tours earned or owed on a person-by-person basis.

  5. Formats emails for sending out mutual offers.

  6. Contains a Logbook for keeping track of tours or hours of your choosing.

  7. Shows your vacation periods.

  8. Logs “events” with date, time and location — edit the title, text, and location details when you have time.

  9. Event locations can be mapped.

  10. Displays your tours and those of your mutual partner simultaneously

  11. Adjustable colors for day/night tours, vacations, RSOT holidays, etc.

  12. Mark special days such as training, MMOT, P2P, or medical appointments.

  13. Quickly locate any NYC firehouse on a map.  Sort the list by engine or ladder.

  14. Tutorial mode: help and tips for every screen.

     iPhone and iPod touch -- OS 3.0 or later.

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