App Privacy Policy

Scheduler, FDNY, and UR Rota ("The Apps" and "APP") are iOS apps sold in the USA and elsewhere via the Apple iOS App Store. The developer is The Buddy System, LLC, a Wisconsin, USA company ("Buddy").

The Apps incorporates app analytics from Flurry Corporation ("Flurry") which is part of the Yahoo Developer Network. The analytics are used by Buddy to understand app usage and improve features. Such data includes user settings, the number of times various features are accessed, and device characteristics such as iPhone model and iOS version. These analytics are aggregated with all other APP users and are stored indefinitely on Flurry's servers. No personally identifiable user data, including unique device identifiers, user names, or locations are saved. Only aggregated data may be shared with other parties.

No user accounts are needed to use The Apps, and no personal information or email addresses are requested. All user data is stored within the app itself. No external or cloud servers are used to implement app functions or to store data (although Apple backups may send data to Apple servers). No access is made to user contacts. the iPhone Camera, or Photos. The iPhone Calendar is used only after getting user permission. None of the following APIs are used: HomeKit, HealthKit, Consumer Health Records API, MovementDisorder APIs, ClassKit, CallKit, ARKit, or Apple Pay. No ads are shown.

The Apps settings and data are included in in-app Backups and exported data when such backups or exports are generated (which are manual operations). The backup and export files are stored on the user's computer and are not sent to any other party unless the user explicitly chooses to do so (e.g., by entering an email address). Such data may be included in automatic or manual Apple backups.

We may update this privacy policy from time to time.

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Date: October 13, 2019