“UK Rota” for the iPhone

Tired of fumbling with your
rota and duty charts to figure out when you’ll be working two months from now?  Losing track of your changeovers?

UK Rota to the rescue!

Custom-designed with the help of London Underground workers, UK Rota is smart about your Rota and Duty lists.  The calendar screen always shows your shifts, trades (changeovers) and special days (using colors of your own choosing) for the next 24 months from “today.”  It takes only a few taps to enter a new event or trade.

Other features allow you to track vacations and personal days, view total weekly and monthly working hours, and record past or future events.

UK Rota is unique for the London underground, buses, and other rail/public transport staff. It could be used for many jobs that have varied start/finish times and rest days during the week.  But, if you’re not part of TfL, then you probably do not want this app.  Instead, check out Scheduler, which can handle repeatable shift schedules and on which UK Rota is based.

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  1. Displays your schedule for the next two years (continuously), including vacations and holidays.

  2. Tap any day to see your duty times.

  3. Enter URLs to duty books that you find online.  (Only some duty books are available.)

  4. Records trades/changeovers. Tracks shifts earned or owed on a person-by-person basis.

  5. Formats emails for sending out trade offers.

  6. Contains a Logbook for keeping track of sick and personal time, or other details of your choosing.

  7. Shows your vacation days and balance.

  8. Logs “events” with date, time and location — edit the title, text, and location details when you have time.

  9. Event locations can be mapped.

  10. Adjustable colors for duties, vacations, holidays, etc.

  11. Mark special days such as training or medical appointments.

  12. Create repeating events for paydays, etc.

  13. Help page assists with learning the app.

  14. “Partner” cycle for marking work days of a public service worker (e.g., police officer or firefighter).

  15. Tutorial mode: help and tips for every screen.

     iPhone and iPod touch -- OS 3.0 or later.

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