Buddy.EXM Features

The EXM is a sysmgr-compliant program that allows certain parameters that affect the operation of Buddy to be viewed and changed. Instructions for installing BUDDY.EXM appear near the start of this document.

EXM Window summary:

On the main screen, hit a hot key to go directly to a specific settings screen, or use the arrow keys to select a desired screen and push ENTER.

You can change windows from any screen by using the standard MENU-key method, by pushing F7 or F8, or via the Fn-UP (PGUP) and Fn-Down (PGDN) keys. The Fn-HOME or Fn-END arrow keys will take you to the first or last settings window, respectively.

Selecting MENU File Abort will revert the settings back to their original values. If the EXM is quit using this menu selection, changes made in the EXM or by the TSR since the EXM was last started (not just reactivated) will be canceled. The 200LX daily greeting time, however, will not be reset.

[The default control settings are shown in square brackets.]

Main Status Screen (screen image)

You can use the arrow keys to select a settings screen from the list in the middle of the window. Space or ENTER will take you to the selected screen.

File Menu

Settings Menu

The settings menu allows you to choose one of the settings screens. You can also use hotkeys on the main status screen or F7 or F8 to move to other settings screens.

"File Keys" Settings (screen image)

"Default Directories" Settings (screen image)

"Keyboard Translations" Settings (screen image)

"SmartCaps®" Settings (screen image)

"Blue-Key Controls" Settings (screen image)

"Keyboard Preferences" Screen (screen image)

"Memo Bookmarks" Settings (screen image)

"Filer Settings" Screen (screen image)

"Global Preferences" Settings (screen image)

"Other Settings" Screen (screen image)

"WorldTime Map Overlay" Settings (screen image)

(Note: these controls are only useful for registered copies of Buddy.)

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Updated: March 26, 1997