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Caution: When you unpack a ZIP file, reformat a DOC file, or transfer files to your palmtop, be careful that you don't accidentally add linefeed characters (LF) to non-text files. If you are using a Macintosh, like me, some utilities will automatically add LFs or remove LFs from text files and, very inappropriately, alter binary (program) files. Changing a binary file will corrupt the program and likely crash your LX. Also, when you transfer a file from your desktop to your palmtop, be sure the transfer is mode is "binary" (not "text"), or else similar corruption will occur. Using an incorrect transfer mode is the most common reason why a new program does not work on the palmtop.

Buddy for the HP 100LX and HP 200LX

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Other files: * NOTICE: To download these files, it might be necessary to click and hold on the link until a pop-up list appears, then select "Save this link as...." and use "Source" mode (Netscpae Navigator) or "Download link to disk" (Internet Explorer). If you are unfortunate enough to be using a PC instead of a Mac, you might have to use your right mouse button. :-)

Buddy for the HP 95LX

Distribution files:


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