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Shareware Distribution and Registration Notice

Buddy used to be shareware, but it's a very old product and I'm no longer supporting it. If you're still using an HP LX, congratulations! It's a great device. Too bad HP dropped the ball.

You do not need to send me any money. Here's how to register your copy of 100Buddy/200Buddy and enable all features:

100BUDDY(R)/200BUDDY(R) Program Registration Information (Confidential)

Thank you for registering your copy of Buddy(R).


The latest release of Buddy is version 3.0b (April 30, 1997).  It is
available on the Web at http://www.buddy.com .  It operates on the
HP 100LX and the 200LX.


To register your copy of Buddy, follow these steps:

   1. Go to the "Default Dirs/Files" settings screen in the EXM.
   2. Move the cursor down to the "Calc" directory (the bottom entry).
   3. Type the numerals "1000".  That is your serial number.
   4. Push F5 (it's unlabeled).
   5. Push F10.  You should see your serial number on the status screen.
   6. (Optional)  To enable the WorldTime map overlay feature, go to the
EXM's WorldTime settings screen, make sure the "Delete this feature"
checkbox is NOT checked, quit the EXM, and reboot.

Note: The "EXM" is the system-manager-compliant program (BUDDY.EXM) that
you use to configure Buddy.  You will find instructions for loading the
EXM near the start of the Buddy manual (BUDDY.TXT).  Once loaded, you
can call up the EXM using a hotkey (e.g., ALT-F10).  The "Default
Directory" screen is one of a number of screens in the EXM where you set
Buddy configuration options.

Remember, whenever you want to change your Fn-F password, you must first
"unlock" the password field in the EXM by pushing '%'.

PLEASE PRINT AND SAVE THIS MESSAGE.   If you reformat your C drive or
get a new machine, you will need to re-enter your serial number.

Thank you for your support.

The Buddy System, LLC
100BUDDY Program Registration Information	Confidential
"Buddy" is a registered trademark, U.S. Patent Office.

Buddy may be freely distributed as long as this complete documentation file and the registration form are included in full. To be complete, please distribute the BUDDY.ZIP file. No charges may be made for such distribution (other than nominal charges to cover the costs of diskettes and shipping).

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Updated: February 13, 1999