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Buddy®: A Keyboard Companion For The HP Palmtop Computers.

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There are two Buddys, 95Buddy for the HP 95LX, and 100Buddy for the HP 100LX and 200LX. Both are distributed as shareware.

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HP 100LX
For the HP 100LX and 200LX ("Buddy"): For the HP 95LX ("95Buddy"): Other HP palmtop resources

Other "Buddy" sites, not related to mine.

Summary of 100/200Buddy

Buddy is a program for the HP 100LX and HP 200LX that adds dozens of features and keystroke shortcuts to the built-in HP applications.

Unlike the built-in macro capability provided by the HP 100LX/200LX system macros (which simply replay a series of preset keystrokes), Buddy is actively involved with the operation of the applications.

Feature Summary:

Summary of the new features in Buddy version 3:

The major area of enhancement in the most recent version of Buddy is additional support for multiple macro files and macro chaining. In addition, dozens of minor changes and improvements have been made to the operation of the HP 100LX/200LX palmtop. For example:

Other HP palmtop resources:

Other Buddys:

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Updated: March 7, 2005
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